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8 Common Types of Landlord Tenant Disputes

Landlord And Tenant Is A Contractual Relationship Built By A Rent Agreement, The Landlord Is The Owner Of The Property Giving Out His Property On Rent Or A Person Possessing Power Of Attorney (POA). The Tenant On The Other Hand Is The Person Who Takes The Property On Rent And Pays The Rent According To […]

Online Dispute Resolution: Arbitration Procedure at WeVaad

With The Onset Of The Pandemic (COVID-19) And The Subsequent Lockdown, The World Had Turned Topsy-Turvy And So Had The Functioning Of Indian Courts. The Courts Were Functioning To Take Up Only Urgent Matters Throughout The Lockdown. Accordingly, Only Matters With An Immediate Urgency Were Taken Up By Courts In India During Lockdown. Even Though […]

Future of dispute resolution by way of Mediation

“Prescribing Mediation As A Mandatory First Step For Resolution Of Every Allowable Dispute Will Go A Long Way In Promoting Mediation. Perhaps, An Omnibus Law In This Regard Is Needed To Fill The Vacuum.” Recently, Hon’ble Chief Justice Of India, J. N. V. Ramana Proposed That Mediation Should Be Made Mandatory Before Every Allowable Dispute […]

India’s dispute with Cairn Energy

Cairn Energy Is A Prominent Independent Oil And Gas Exploration And Development Company Based In Europe. In The 1990s, It Started Investing In India And Has Invested Around INR 45000 Crore (US$6 Billion) In Projects In The Oil And Gas Sector, And Local Populations With Its Partners. Structural reorganization Cairn Energy PLC Reorganized Its Indian […]

Are all disputes arbitrable?

In Our Last Post, We Discussed Arbitration And Its Features. While The Same Is Important To Understand Whether Parties Would Like To Refer Their Disputes To Arbitration, It Is Equally Important To Understand Whether Disputes Between The Parties Can Even Be Referred To Arbitration In The First Place. To Clarify, Not All Disputes Can Be […]

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Future of Dispute Resolution in India

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Is A Speedier And More Economical Alternative To The Traditional Method Of Litigation. It Can Significantly Discharge The Pressure On The Indian Judiciary By Resolving Cases Without Any Intervention Of The Courts. The Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism Comprises Scientifically Developed Techniques That Allow Indian Courts To Resolve The Huge Number Of […]

Everything you need to know about cheque dishonor disputes

Cheques are widely used to complete a number of transactions including re-payment of loans, payment of remuneration, etc., Since, paying money through cheques secures a proof of transfer. It is one of the three negotiable instruments and thus is governed by the provisions of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881. Cheque Dishonour means when the cheque […]

Complete guide to choosing the perfect lawyer for your legal dispute

Search For A Good Lawyer Near Me Is Indeed A Daunting Task To Accomplish As Not Every Lawyer Out There Is A Perfect Fit For The Purpose You Are Looking For In A Lawyer. There Are Some Basic Prerequisites That You Need To Look For In A Lawyer To Reach A Conclusion And Make Your […]

The detailed guide on Divorce Procedures and laws in India

Divorce Essentially Means To Dissolve Or Terminate A Marriage Based On Various Grounds And Growing Differences Between The Husband And The Wife After Following The Due Procedure Of Law. There Are Two Kinds Of Divorce Procedures Viz. Divorce By Mutual Consent And Contested Divorce. Since Marriage And Divorce Are Entirely Personal Affairs, The Personal Laws […]

Complete checklist to make your rent agreement legally perfect!

A Contract That Outlines The Terms And Conditions Of A Tenancy Between A Tenant And A Landlord Is Called A Rental Agreement. Rent Agreement Format Contains The Rental Amount, Security Deposit, Duration Of Stay, And Other Necessary Details, Which Must Be Agreed Upon By Both, The Landlord And The Tenant. The Landlord Can Either Be […]

The Different Types of Remedies for Breach Of Contract

Payment Default Cases Are Very Frequent And Can Generally Happen In The Course Of Daily Life Activities As Well As In The Cases Of Loan Agreements. Since, Every Product Or Service That We Purchase Binds Every Individual In A Legal Contract If All The Essentials Of A Valid Contract Are Met. Contracts Can Be Oral […]

The Most Common Types of Property Disputes

A Property Dispute Is A Legal Dispute Regarding Real Estate, These Are Generally Intense As The Property Disputes Affect A Lot Of Other Activities. The Property Regarding Which The Disputes Arise Can Be The Ancestral Or Self-Acquired Home, Company Building, Pond, Roads, Or A Plot Of Land. Property Disputes Can Usually Arise Between Neighbors, Companies, […]

Find India’s Best Lawyers for your legal case

Lawyers Are Important For Many Reasons, And When You’re Facing Legal Problems, Finding A Good Lawyer Can Be Difficult. But There Are Several Things That You Should Look For In A Great Lawyer, So You Can Choose Wisely. We Understand That Doing Research On Your Own Is A Daunting Task For Many. Also, It Is […]

Registration of Partnership Firm: Advantages and Disadvantages

The Document Prepared In A Partnership Firm Is A Business Partnership Agreement Entered Between Two Or More Persons To Regulate The Business Responsibilities Within The Partnership Firm. A Deed Of Partnership Firm Is Generally Signed When The Parties Who Form The Partnership Firm Are Willing For The Registration Of A Partnership Firm, Not All Partners […]

What are the grounds for divorce in India?

In India, The Divorce Rate Has Been Rising, Especially In Recent Years. Let’s Take A Look At The Provisions Of Divorce Directly Relevant To The Civil Procedure Code, 1908, As More Tense Couples Turn To The Legal System With Marriage And Divorce Issues. Several Personal Laws Based On Various Religious Beliefs Have Been Introduced By […]

Online Dispute Resolution: Future of Dispute Resolution in India

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Is A Type Of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) That Uses Internet Technology To Enable Online Dispute Resolution Via The Internet Or A Virtual Communication Platform. This Implies That The Dispute Could Be Resolved Without The Parties Being Present In The Same Location. The Goal Of ODR Is To Provide A More Practical And […]

Different Types of Companies in India

A Company In General Terms Means People Gathered For The Prime Purpose Of Doing Business And Earning Profits Having A Legal Identity. In Legal Terms, A Company Is Defined In The Companies Act, 2013 Under Section 2 (20) As “A Company Incorporated Under This Act Or Under Any Previous Company Law”. There Are Different Types […]

Employment Contract: Everything You Need To Know

An Employment Contract Is An Agreement Signed To Provide Work To One Of The Parties To The Contract Called The Employee. The One Who Gives The Work To The Employee Is Termed The Employer. The Employment Contract Contains All The Terms And Conditions, Rights, And Duties Of Both The Employer And The Employee. A Contract […]

Property Laws in India and Need to find a good Property Lawyer

A legal transfer of property from one entity to another also occurs during the purchase of a home, making it more than just a transaction. It sometimes makes sense (or is even required) for home buyers or sellers to hire an attorney to represent their best interests because the legal aspects of this transaction can […]

Sale Deed: A Detailed Guide

The Sale deed is an essential legal document that is made primarily for concluding the sale or transfer of immovable property and transferring the ownership title to the purchaser. A sale deed is registered as per the provisions of the Indian Registration Act, 1908 and is a form of conveyance deed through which the ownership […]

Conveyance Deed

Conveyance is a term derived from ‘convey’ which means the process of transferring something to some other person in general terms. In legal terms conveyance is defined as the legal process of transferring property rights from owner to another. A deed is an instrument, a written legal document signed by all the parties to a […]

Labour Laws In India: Past and Present

Labour Laws Have A Long History Of Reforms In India But The Biggest Of Those Reforms Was Introduced In The Year 2019 Which Proposed To Consolidate The Laws And Make Them Uniform, Before Diving Further Into The Reforms And The Previous Laws Let Us Understand What Labour Laws And Their Purpose Are. Labour Laws Are […]

Gift Deed – How To Write A Gift Deed

A Gift Deed Is A Written Legal Document And As The Name Suggests Is Related To Gifting. A Gift Deed Is Simply An Agreement Which Is Made By The Owner Of The Property Or A Person Having Power Of Attorney (POA) For The Primary Purpose Of Gifting The Listed Property In The Deed. This Deed […]