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Finding a lawyer is a cumbersome activity for individuals and businesses. You need to take into account many factors while doing research for a good lawyer. Many a time, results after doing so much research are not satisfactory.

We are here to help you locate the best lawyers in your area. We will search through our panel of lawyers to find the best match for your legal needs.

Depending on your requirement, we will assign a perfect match to make sure your legal case is handled efficiently.

Factors we look for while finding a lawyer for your legal case

Our panel of lawyers is specially curated with relevant experience in handling varied legal matters before courts of India. We screen each lawyer before we onboard them on our panel for experience and expertise in handling specific domain areas.

Look For Specialist

While providing you with lawyer options, we look for specialists over a generalist. We look for his/her expertise in the area of dispute at hand. Having expertise in a particular domain helps litigants in putting their case strongly before the court of law.

Experience Of Lawyer

We consider the experience of the lawyer in handling similar cases in Indian courts. We have lawyers with more than 10 years of experience and have handled various cases before different courts in India. Due to their extensive experience, they will be in a better position to guide you throughout the process.

Location Of The Lawyer

We will help you find a lawyer in your region. Region specificity will help in your case as the lawyer will be adept with dynamics in a specific court. Also, it improves the approachability of the lawyer.

Query redressal

Our chosen lawyer will address all your queries in the process. A lawyer will make you understand various nuances in layman’s terms to keep you updated on the case. He will also suggest you alternate dispute resolution options to help faster resolution.

Specialties Covered

Individual Disputes

Divorce Lawyer


Property Lawyer


Family Dispute Lawyer


Civil Lawyer


Landlord-Tenant Dispute Lawyer

Business Disputes

Company Law Lawyer


Cheque Dishonor Case Lawyer


Contractual Dispute Lawyer


Intellectual Property Lawyer


Industrial Lawyer

Other Disputes

Environmental Lawyer


Criminal Lawyer


Labour Lawyer


Sports Lawyer



Pan India



What our customers have to say?

Register with us to find the right lawyer for your legal dispute. Our team will review your request and assign an experienced lawyer within 24 hours.


How will get to know lawyer charges?

We will communicate to you the entire lawyer information while suggesting options such as experience, cases handled and fees for handling your case.

What are your charges?

We don’t charge anything for searching a lawyer for your dispute. Our aim is to help you with an experienced lawyer who can give you the right guidance.

Where your panel lawyers are located?

Our Panel of experienced lawyers is spread across India. Hence, it will be easy for us to assign a lawyer in your locality.